My Story

Hello friend! My name is Hannah Fae Kiser. I am a portrait and lifestyle photographer residing in the rolling hills of northern Kentucky who loves holding a camera and capturing beautiful memories. I am here to help YOU capture the memories of your life in photographs without breaking your budget.

My passion for photography

I grew up in the country with my ten brothers and sisters. Ever since I was young, I loved cameras and pictures. My grandma had a passion for recording videos of her grandkids’ special moments, so she pulled out her big video camera at every new baby arrival, birthday party, music recital, and whenever we kids got the privilege of hanging out at her house for an afternoon. I grew up watching and loving those old videos. I got to see what my parents were like before they had any kids. I saw my older brother and sister playing together before I came along. I saw my 5-year-old self with Shirley Temple hair doing backflips off the couch in my pink princess dress. I relived memories from when each of my eight younger siblings was born and growing up. Those memories, captured by a camera, are invaluably precious to me now, all those years later.

My grandma inspired me. When I was around 10, I started using my family’s small silver point-and-shoot camera around the house and on vacations. I loved taking pictures and did it all the time. In high school I finally bought my very first camera, a Canon Rebel and a 50 mm portrait lens that has served me very well. I started studying photography and practiced my newly found knowledge at every opportunity. I’m happier with a camera in my hand, and I can’t wait to create more memories that will last forever.

My personal life

I am the third of eleven children, two boys and nine girls, and (let me warn you) I am not normal.  I am as ordinary as any other human on earth, but I differ from most because I serve an extraordinary God! I love Jesus, believe the Bible, and do my best to follow Him where He leads me. I grew up on a farm in the country and was homeschooled all my life. In January of 2017, I married my tall, dark, and handsome best friend and after a beautiful honeymoon in Mexico, moved with him to northern Kentucky.

Kiser Wedding; Pre-Wedding Shots; Photographer: Rachel Pohl

Photo credits: Rachel Pohl

We are thoroughly enjoying life as newlyweds, and are excited to see what God has in store for our lives!