Adventures of the Gringa Girls (Part Two)

Corrie, Mikah, and I had a wonderful visit together in Zacapa, Guatemala last weekend! After our adventurous bus ride there on Friday, Mikah and I were excited to see Corrie again and to be able to spend some time together.

After a very Guatemalan church service Friday night, we all crashed in our hotel room that someone generously rented for us. We showered there (and by the way, there was HOT water! But I was sweaty enough not to want it on the hottest setting for very long. 🙂 Here in Jalapa we only have semi-warm water…and that’s if the water pressure is low.), which felt wonderful after such a long sweaty ride. The three of us spent the next several hours catching up with each other, until we realized how very late it had gotten and decided to go to sleep.

On Saturday morning, after a simple hotel-provided breakfast, we spent some time playing card games with Caleb’s brothers, Joseph and Gideon (the soon-to-be-uncles of the baby Corrie is going to help deliver while she’s in Guatemala), playing violins and singing, sitting with our feet in the pool, and yes, much more talking. 🙂


The music was beautiful…not to mention its players. 🙂


While we were relaxing with our feet in the water, Mrs. Martin (baby’s soon-to-be-grandma) looked at us and commented, “Y’all look like an advertisement for hair color!” Yep…and we needed a selfie to commemorate the occasion. This doesn’t happen all that often, much less in a foreign country!!

In between the numerous afternoon games of Spot-It and Dutch Blitz with Corrie, Mikah, Joseph, and Gideon, I Skype-called my siblings, and had a lot of fun talking to them again. I miss their craziness…there’s no little kids to climb on my back, hog my lap, give me super tight hugs ten times a day, run to meet me when I walk in the house, or to laugh with at stupid jokes that shouldn’t even be funny! As a side thought, I’m really glad I get to work on the “little school” side here in Guate, where I can get my “kid time” in each day by playing tag with the 5-10 year-olds. 🙂


Mrs. Martin treated us all to dinner at a pizza diner on Saturday night! Frappuccinos and orange juice just made the night that much better. 🙂


Zacapa is only 400 feet above sea level, which is quite a change from Jalapa’s 4,469 feet. I felt a little woozy (for lack of a better word) most of Saturday, probably due to both the drastic altitude change and the increase in humidity and heat…altitude plays tricks on me for some reason. But the Lord is gracious and helped me to still have an enjoyable day. 🙂


Saturday evening was spent talking about our lives, our thoughts, our dreams, and our Lord before falling asleep, thankfully not quite as late as the previous night. 🙂 For church Sunday, we each put our hair up in buns so that we’d match again (did you notice the braids in the other pictures?!?), and headed off to the Martins’ church.


The pastor of this church spent several years in the States, so he speaks good English, and he even preached in both Spanish and English, translating line by line! That was pretty neat.


Aww….look who Corrie got to hold!!! I was SOOOOO jealous. The little boy sitting two seats away from me didn’t want to come sit on my lap…..even though I asked at least three times. 🙁

At the church Mikah and I attend here in Jalapa, the music is usually pretty decent, and it’s easy to sing along  because Mikah owns a little Spanish hymnal. At the Zacapa church, however, the song leader sings one song after another in a slurred manner without stopping, until your wrists feel like falling off (since everyone claps along) and you start to wonder if she’s singing her entire repertoire…


I got to witness my first Guatemalan baby dedication! We got to talking to this father after the service, and he told us that he has nine children. He got super fired up when talking about children being a blessing from the Lord!! He quoted different Bible verses, and told us that even though he’s a poor man and unable to even sign his own name, God provides for their daily needs! As I stood there listening to him talk and translating most of his words into English in my head, I was smiling…both in full agreement and in conviction. Not only did I love that he was passionate about viewing children (and lots of children at that) as assets and blessings and bringing them up in the way of the lord, his gratefulness for his children and for the Lord’s sufficient provision was neat. How many of us forget to thank the Lord for what we have, even when it feels like it’s not enough? Most of us have many more possessions than this man, but are much less grateful for them than he is for his. May we all be convicted by his example!


Above: a typical Guatemalan house and yard

Below: A large cactus! Definitely not something you see everyday.


After church, the pastor drove us to the bus station in Chiquimula. Mikah had made sure that we would be there in time to take a direct bus to Jalapa, and the Lord blessed us by arranging the timing so that we arrived just a few minutes before one such bus left. 🙂


Thankfully, this trip was not nearly as adventurous as our previous one! These two physically tired but spiritually encouraged girls had a hot, sweaty, stinky, dusty, and cramped trip home…but we got home safely, and without having to switch buses. I even fell asleep for a bit towards the end of the three hour ride! A friend drove us home from the bus station, and we made supper, talked to family and friends back home, and went to bed, thankful that the Lord had allowed us to make this trip and kept us safe. It was really special and encouraging to visit Corrie!! It’s not everyday that three girls from three different families who all know each other end up in the same foreign country at the same time!

Keep praying for us!! We need your prayers every day, and very much appreciate them. I’ve been pretty busy lately, but I really do hope to start posting more about my life down here…but until then, keep serving the Lord! 🙂


      • Crystal A. Snuggs says:

        I just was telling the truth, the pictures really are awesome! Thank you for praying for me. I had forgotten to thank you I think! I also wish we could talk a bit more, we talked only for a short time on Wednesday and I had not seen you for a good while! Do you know what naas means? I do. It means nose in Pennsylvania Dutch. Thank you for being my friend!-Crystal A. Snuggs

  1. Seth Lancaster says:

    Sounds like you had a great time! It’s nice to see what’s going on, and pictures speak a thousand words. ¡Que Dios les bendiga!

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