Recent Favs // summer edition

Hello again, friends!  I have a few favorites as of late that I’d like to share with you….hope you enjoy!

Worth Watching

The Story of Ian and Larissa Murphy

This couple, a traumatic brain injury, and God mix together to result in an amazing and inspiring life story.  I highly recommend watching this video and reading their book as well – their story is one of a kind.

Worth Listening To

Asking God To Do The Impossible by David Gibbs

I listened to this sermon by one of my favorite preachers, David Gibbs, recently, and boy, it was time well spent.  I know it is a long video, but maybe you could find a time to push play while you’re re-organizing your room, or working on a hobby, or even a little at a time (if you can stand to pause in the middle….it’s like an audio page-turner!) during showers!  God really used this to convict and inspire me, and I’m sure He’ll use it to help you as well.  🙂

If you want to skip his warm-up and go directly to the sermon, go to minute 14:46.


Worth Reading

This is my favorite category….I’ve read several really great articles over the past few months, and they all are ones that deserve re-reads!

Our family has gotten plenty of stares, comments, questions, and wistful looks as we walk around in public, simply because of our large number.  So when I came across this mom’s humorous response to many of these odd responses, I immediately understood her feelings.  Though I don’t believe our family is THAT strange. 😉

[click on the picture to access the article]



Here are a few fun household tips that might help you out!  This is one of my favorite blogs, though not because of their household helps. 🙂25-things-your-mother-didnt-tell-you

Aaand, here’s a series from Pastor Bobby Scott on finding a spouse that I found intriguing!

For the ladies…

Biblical Advice for Sisters Trying To Help Mr. Right


And for the guys….

Biblical Advice for Brothers Who Want to Find a Wife


I hope these resources encourage you! 🙂 Stay tuned for a post about my recent life-changing pro-life trip to Alabama! 🙂

Disclaimer: The views presented in the sources recommended do not necessarily reflect the exact views of the blog author.

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