Happy Easter // celebrating Jesus’ resurrection McIntosh style

Happy Resurrection Day to you all!  I hope you all had a wonderful day today as you celebrated the rising of our Savior!  We certainly enjoyed our family day today.  We went to a sunrise service at 7:00 this morning with some of our church family, and enjoyed a delicious breakfast afterwards with some awesome discussions and fellowship!  Though we unfortunately didn’t actually see the sun rise, we did enjoy the beautiful sky and the not-too-cold weather during our service.

During our regular service later this morning, the children performed a play of the Easter story.  They did a great job!  It was so fun to see the little ones like Susannah up there as well, walking around in the crowd scenes like they were supposed to!  We did get a video (albeit an iPhone video), so if y’all want to see, it, let me know, and I’ll post it.  🙂

Now, McIntosh tradition is to hunt for Easter baskets sometime on Easter Sunday, so Mom and Dad’s room was off-limits last night.  (I may or may not have trespassed to get Ella’s pajamas…) 🙂  Back in the old days, when I was little, we would always do the basket hunt as soon as we woke up or right after church, but somehow everything gets pushed later and later as kids get older!  Charles hid the baskets this year, and though several people found their baskets during the day, the search officially began immediately following supper.

But before I get into pictures of that, I want to encourage you to watch this short video about the cross from a medical perspective.  It’s very powerful, and I am awed at the depth of Jesus’ love, willing enough to go through all that just for wretches like me!

Here are my favorite shots.  Even Ella got a basket!  She was thrilled to see that she got animal crackers…

IMG_4978Mom usually uses food items that she got on sale to fill our baskets, whether it be crackers, m&m’s, Easter bunnies from last year’s discounts, or diet pop and fruit cups from the discount grocery store!  It’s tons of fun.  🙂IMG_4989IMG_4999So Charles always has an extremely hard time finding his own basket, since Dad takes pleasure in hiding his basket really good every year.  🙂  Charles loves the challenge, though, and he was determined to find it.  He brought up this bag (below) and was beginning to proclaim his victory when he realized that the bag was actually full of some of our lost tools!  😀  Oops… but maybe he should spend more time searching the house.  Who knows what we might find!  😉  (He did end up finding his basket in Grace’s van, for those of you concerned about his psychological and emotional well-being!)





I was a little bit lazy this year at basket-hunting, but I did end up finding it (after a certain sister gave me several unauthorized clues)!  🙂


What did you do to celebrate Easter?  Did you gain any new perspectives this year?  I certainly did!  It was definitely a blessing to hear and read things about Jesus’ resurrection that I’d never thought about before!

P.S. Verse-image credit (1 Peter 1:3) does not belong to me.


  1. Crystal Ann Snuggs says:

    This is my first time seeing this part of the blog ,but I enjoyed it! You do a good job with the photos and explaining yourself, which are traits I wish I could do better!!

  2. Seth Lancaster says:

    We had a restful Easter day, we had a South African lady visiting who gave my Sunday morning Bible class, so I did not have so much preparation. Then after Church I took the lady with her son and another friend on a four-wheeler ride.
    The evening we had Bible study, and then went to bed early…

    Great post! I enjoy reading them!

  3. Michiah Lancaster says:

    I also had a lot of fun reading this post.
    We did not do much for ester but we did have a breakfast at our church and then we did some reading on the account of Jesus rising. It was very encouraging to read again that account!

  4. Karin says:

    This was a fun post to read. I want one of those baskets! Funny about how your dad does a customized search for Charles! Good job on the pictures too!

  5. Kate says:

    That was a really cool post you just shared with the medical prespective. I shared it on my tsu account: tsu.co/majesticgoldenrose

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