Recent Favs // summer edition

Hello again, friends!  I have a few favorites as of late that I’d like to share with you….hope you enjoy!

Worth Watching

The Story of Ian and Larissa Murphy

This couple, a traumatic brain injury, and God mix together to result in an amazing and inspiring life story.  I highly recommend watching this video and reading their book as well – their story is one of a kind.

Worth Listening To

Asking God To Do The Impossible by David Gibbs

I listened to this sermon by one of my favorite preachers, David Gibbs, recently, and boy, it was time well spent.  I know it is a long video, but maybe you could find a time to push play while you’re re-organizing your room, or working on a hobby, or even a little at a time (if you can stand to pause in the middle….it’s like an audio page-turner!) during showers!  God really used this to convict and inspire me, and I’m sure He’ll use it to help you as well.  🙂

If you want to skip his warm-up and go directly to the sermon, go to minute 14:46.


Worth Reading

This is my favorite category….I’ve read several really great articles over the past few months, and they all are ones that deserve re-reads!

Our family has gotten plenty of stares, comments, questions, and wistful looks as we walk around in public, simply because of our large number.  So when I came across this mom’s humorous response to many of these odd responses, I immediately understood her feelings.  Though I don’t believe our family is THAT strange. 😉

[click on the picture to access the article]



Here are a few fun household tips that might help you out!  This is one of my favorite blogs, though not because of their household helps. 🙂25-things-your-mother-didnt-tell-you

Aaand, here’s a series from Pastor Bobby Scott on finding a spouse that I found intriguing!

For the ladies…

Biblical Advice for Sisters Trying To Help Mr. Right


And for the guys….

Biblical Advice for Brothers Who Want to Find a Wife


I hope these resources encourage you! 🙂 Stay tuned for a post about my recent life-changing pro-life trip to Alabama! 🙂

Disclaimer: The views presented in the sources recommended do not necessarily reflect the exact views of the blog author.

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Out of the Mouth of Babes…

…some of the funniest things will come!  We have a house full of littles, so we are always laughing at the things that roll off their tongues.  Here are some of the recent ones!

“Mommy, are you babysitting?” -Wade (5 years old)

As many of you know, Wade has almost the whole collection of Thomas trains and some of the tracks, courtesy of Grandma, and loves them to death.  He and the twins can rattle off the name of any train in a split second.  Once Wade was expecting to receive yet another train in the mail from Grandma, and went around the house singing Polly Wolly Doodle All The Day, but with a little twist on the words: “I come from Louisiana for to see the trains from Grandma, singing Polly Wolly Doodle all the way!”

One April evening Susannah came up to me with a water gun and we had the following discussion:

Susannah: “Hannah, I’m going to KILL YOU!  BOOM!  YOU’RE DEAD!” (she literally shouted this in as firm of a voice as she could muster)

Me: “But I don’t really like being dead…”

Susannah: “Well, you HAVE to.”

Me: “Why?”

Susannah: “‘Cause you’re old.”

Me: “Oh yeah?  What tells you when a person old?”

Susannah: “My gun.”

Me: “Oh dear…”

haha – what has this place come to?

So we got into a mealtime discussion a couple of days later when just Dad and I were home with all the littles, and somehow we started on this thing about when I will get married.  Haha…those discussions are some of the funniest EVER!  Kate (7 years old) told us that “one thing sad about when Hannah moves out is that I won’t be able to get on her shoulders anymore.”  I assured her that she could still do that when she came over to visit!

Then Wade spoke up with his two cents:  “When she moves out and doesn’t have any kids, just a husband, she would have to clean her floor up herself…like sweeping or clean up the clothes on the floor…Hannah, you’re not big enough to get married.”  Somehow children always get to thinking that the only purpose they have in life is to do all their mother’s work…sooooo not true, though I do remember having that mindset myself!  🙂

Laughing on the inside, I asked him, “How big do you have to be to get married?”  He must have changed his mind mid-thought, because he told me, “Well, I know some people who are mommies and daddies when they’re 17!”  (I actually can’t think of any…but oh well.  At least I have his permission if I needed it. 😉 )

I overheard a conversation between Wade and one of the twins just the other day.  Wade was answering his sister’s question of what game he and Susannah were playing, saying “We’re taking turns accidentally falling off.”

What funny things have you heard children say recently?  I’m looking forward to hearing them! 🙂